Dark Sun: The Decanter

Adventure Log: Episode 3

Hail Hydra!!!!

      I guess I should just start from the beginning. So we were following all of these crazy entertainers, hippies or whatever they identify as out of Salt View as they marched through the desert following Brother Ovalo. He seems to be sipping on some good Kool-aid and I think they all just wanted him to share. On the way there we encountered the largest sand snake I’ve ever seen. Actually, I don’t know if I can say I saw it since it was underground, but maybe more like assumed it was very large based on how large it seemed in its sand tunnel. Anyways, it swept around us as if it was going to move in and devour us all. Brother Ovala convinced everyone to just pray as he prayed to be protected by his God. Against all odds the creature just slithered away into the desert, I still peed a little. We came upon the forest located centrally between Gulg and Nibenay. Brother Ovalo offered to take a small group first and come back for the rest. As soon as I entered the Tree line everything appeared the same. The trees seemed to move in closer and form a barrier around us as we snaked our way around them in some weird almost ritualistic pattern. Next thing we knew and we were entering a village with a giant temple/pyramid in its center.

     We were greeted by guards wearing simple leathers. They were friendly enough, but they wanted us to give them all of our stuff. My friends gave up their stuff, well mostly. Pebbles and I tried to retain our magic apparel and it worked at first, but we eventually gave it up. Bubbles was blastin’ fools with his mind powers and making them leave us be, but they were persistent. One of the entertainers got caught hiding something and they took him to the shed and he never came back out. We had free roam of the town except for 3 places the warehouse, the main home of the Priestess and inside the Temple. We spent some time interacting with everyone and got to enjoy a big slumber party the first night. The next day we got to meet Mother Xomia and that basically just turned into a huge interracial orgy on top of the temple. Now we know why Brother Ovalo drank the Kool-aid.

     Next thing we know our resident mind freak is going on about how he went into the temple and found the God inside and talked to him. He was carrying a weird stick and saying that “King Hydra” gave it to him to do what he “wanted” and what he “willed”. This new hubris of his basically led to a fight with Mother Xomia. Instead of taking her ass beating like a champ she tried to bring the whole temple down on us. That didn’t help her much because she is either dead or feeling like a big loser. We were able to convince Brother Ovalo to bring his religion to Salt View. I guess we can put that in the win column! We sent them back to Salt View with Shamash’s decanter so they wouldn’t die of thirst on the way. Good thing he has that thing, it would be hard to travel as much as we did without it.

     From there we headed to Nibenay. We have been tasked with removing the knowledge of Sky Summit from anyone that might know. As we approached the city we came across a small patrol of low ranked Nibenay Templars. They were just walking around gossiping about other higher ranked templars that they didn’t like. Bubbles talked to them and gather some information to help us on our quest and even convinced them to help slightly. Everything was going great until Shamash came in with his misogynistic ramblings and upset these nice ladies. We course corrected and they led us safely past the guarded gates of Nibenay. Pebbles was able to take us to a nearby inn to get a room for the night. The place was called the Slaves Shackles. We didn’t care too much for the name, but the live music provided by Gary Gravy and the Biscuits & Gravy band was most excellent. We spent some time talking to Gary and I think we convinced him to come to Salt View with his band and lady friends. I personally feel like they are slaves, but that is really up for debate. We decided to get some rest so we would be ready for our perilous mission in Nibenay.



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